Services and Rates

Every body is unique, so every session is unique and catered specifically to YOU and your needs. We guarantee that you will feel different by the end of your session, but encourage you to be both patient and consistent with your own healing process. In order to create lasting and sustainable changes within your own body, mind, and heart, regular sessions and continued self-care is necessary. Our aim is to teach you how to listen to the needs of your own body and to empower you over the state of your own health and well-being. We don’t FIX you, rather, we open the door for healing to naturally arise from within. The more you walk through this door, the easier it is to do on your own, with or without us. How can we best support you at this time?

*ONLY house calls are available at this time, additional $20 travel fee if your session requires that we bring our own table and sheets*

Standard Sessions
Please choose one modality to focus on.
60 minutes: $90
75 minutes: $110
90 minutes: $130
120 minutes: $170

Integrative Sessions
Please choose two modalities to emphasize, although the other may be mixed in as guided by intuition.
90 minutes: $160
105 minuts: $180
120 minutes: $200

ALL of the following modalities are beneficial in treating physical, emotional, energetic, mental, and spiritual dis-ease. Please reach out with any additional questions you may have.

Massage Therapy
Through touch we open to receive unconditional love and support so that the entire system may tangibly experience balance, peace, and connection. Techniques and pressure will vary per person and session, depending on your expressed needs and desires. Relaxation is always the primary focus, with the following techniques intuitively used throughout: swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, basic sports massage, postural analysis, and energy work.

Empower your self to heal your self. No strength or flexibility is required, but both will most certainly be developed with continued practice. Each practice is created specifically for you and your own body, and can be as active or restorative as you’d like. Yin yoga, restorative, hatha, vinyasa, yoga nidra, breathwork, and meditation techniques will be used as intuition and communication guides. Hands on assists and energy healing may be used to deepen the experience and release found in each posture.

Breathwork & Meditation
Simply lie back and relax as you are guided through an inward journey of relaxation and release. Learn to change the quality of your own body and mind through simple breathing techniques and mental exercises that ultimately lead you into a space of stillness, clarity, and bliss.

Sound Therapy
The body is composed of vibrating molecules. Along the spine there are 7 primary energy centers, or bundles of nerves, that resonate at very specific sound frequencies when operating in full balance and integrity. Any time the body enters the fight or flight response, an electrical charge is sent through the nervous system. These jolts of energy can actually get stuck within the density of the body and lead to physical, emotional, and psychological dis-ease when left unacknowledged and unreleased. With the use of tuning forks, we can pinpoint and re-tune the nervous system to operate in perfect harmony with the natural flow of the human be-ing.

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